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1. the platform is flat and lubricated, the demand margin is cut and neat, the four sides are straight, and there is no obvious concave and convex representation. The face and edge parts are close and flat, and no degumming, bubbling, depression, indentation, scratches, scratches, cracks, avalanche and knife edges are not allowed.
2. uniform coating, steel or wooden board flat surface, five colors, no splice, no obvious concave and convex, no mottled, no scratches, no scratches and other damage. Open, boring and chamfering no burr, the appearance of the round angle, even common chamfering joint.
3. each part of the cabinet must be treated with high quality hot-melt adhesive at high temperature and high pressure.
4. the link between the plate and the plate of the 4. cabinet is selected with a high quality three in one inside. The two ends of the "L" shaped hole in the connecting part are filled with yellow glue to strengthen the grip strength, bend the arc deformation, prevent seepage and shake off.
5. the connection between the plate and the hardware fittings. Before consolidating all the screws, it is necessary to make a hole smaller than the diameter and length of the screw. After the high pressure is written to the glue, the screw is twisted into the screw so as to enhance the grip strength, such as connecting the screw and the nut to the outside.
6. all cabinets are connected and strong, without loose appearance; flat appearance without significant deformation; showing some burrs and sharp edges.
7. parts have no cracking or split appearance, and will not present the wear and deformation representation that affects the use of the function. It can move some (such as adjustable feet, movable baffles, etc.) flexibly, and the hand lift will not present the everlasting deformation or loosening, and the pressure can fit the demand of the experimental platform.
8. single-phase three wire sockets are compatible with two wire plugs
9. all water, electricity and gas roads are safe, applicable and hidden.
10.產物尺度需求:長、寬、高差錯點≤3mm;鄰邊筆直度:臺面對角線、結構對角線1000mm≤3mm; 2000mm≤4mm; 3000mm≤
10. product scale requirements: length, width, height difference error point is less than 3mm; adjacent edge straightness: table diagonal, structural diagonal 1000mm less than 3mm; 2000mm = 4mm; 3000mm less than
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