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The principle of a gas booster pump is to use the low pressure of a large area piston to produce a high hydraulic pressure of a small area of the piston. The industrial field is used for clamping the machine tool chuck, inflating the accumulator, inflating the high-pressure bottle, reducing the pressure gas, converting to the high-pressure gas, etc.. All the air pressure is not high enough, both mechanical or test device, can use booster pump.

The gas booster pump is driven by gas, without arc and spark. It is completely used in flammable and explosive liquid or gas places. No matter what causes the pressure drop in the packing circuit, the booster pump will automatically start to supplement the leakage pressure and maintain the constant pressure of the circuit. Compressed air, nitrogen, water vapor, natural gas, etc. can be used as the driving gas source of the pump.
The gas booster pump selects carbon steel or stainless steel according to the medium, and the whole set of seals of the pump are imported high quality products, thus ensuring the performance of the gas-liquid booster pump. The high hydraulic pressure of a small area piston produced by the low pressure of a large area piston. Air booster pump used in the original air pressure system, to improve the pressure in the work environment, can work system air pressure increased to 2-5 times, just need to work system compressed air as air source can.
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