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1 、 before installing high pressure needle valve, check whether the needle valve is damaged or not. If damaged, it may cause the needle valve not to be used properly, and then consult with the technician or supplier.
2, before installation, check valve, valve and valve interface internal surface is clean, if not clean, can be used for blowing gun (Note: if there is iron like, be sure to scrap iron and other solid particles poured out to purge the body even, so as not to damage the sealing surface).

3, according to the needle valve structure, correctly install the needle valve in the pipeline or system. For the import and export of needle valves marked, according to the identification link. For the import and export of the needle valve does not identify, in accordance with the "low into higher out" principle of connection, that is, the low level of the mouth is imported, the high level of the mouth is the exit. Note that piping and systems must also be clean and that filters should be installed in the system to protect system components.
4 after installation, open or close the needle valve 2-3 times to check its performance is good. Note that when opening or closing the valve, avoid excessive force, excessive force may lead to thread sliding, and even closed when it is easy to cause sealing failure. Usually when we close the valve, as long as it can close and withstand the pressure of the system, it can not be strongly rotating handle.
The above is today's introduction, if you want to know more about our products, you are welcome to call us, we will provide you with detailed product information.



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