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The function of the air pressurization valve is to enter the air, and the air pressurized valve can output a multiple high pressure gas, which can reach 2 times or 5 times the high pressure gas. And the air booster valve does not need power supply, and it is convenient to install and move. The output pressure and drive can be manually adjusted, the operation is simple, and the utility is very strong. The following is the attention to the use of air booster valves.
1, correct selection: air booster valve can pressurize air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and other gases. If corrosive gases such as H2S, SO2 and other gases are selected, customers should take the initiative to explain the required pressure and flow size.
2, filtration requirements: air booster valve power source is compressed air, requires gas source clean, particle requirements below 5um, General Factory gas source is dirty, if not filtered directly to the valve, long term use, pump will foul for a long time, will cause one-way valve failure, seal ring wear seriously.
3, installation requirements: when installing, it is better to use PU air pipe to install the gas source. The reason is easy to install, easy to operate, and it will not rust. If the metal tube is used, it is best to use compressed air to purge before installing, so that the welding slag will be blown to the reversing valve, and the reversing valve will be stuck.
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