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氣體增壓泵歸屬與氣動增壓泵的一種。主要以壓縮空氣為動力.不用消耗電力??梢栽鰤焊鞣N無腐蝕性氣體.如:氮氣 空氣 氧氣 等氣體。氣體增壓泵因增壓缸體和驅動缸體是分開獨立式的.能保證各種氣體的高純度。
A gas booster pump belongs to a pneumatic pressurized pump. It is mainly driven by compressed air. No power is consumed. It can boost all kinds of non corrosive gases, such as nitrogen air, air, oxygen and other gases. The gas booster pump is independent of the turbocharged cylinder and the driving cylinder. It can guarantee the high purity of all kinds of gas.
The application of gas booster pump is wide: industrial area is used for pneumatic chuck clamping, accumulator inflation, high pressure bottle aeration, air tightness detection, expensive gas recovery and pressurization, reactor charging, low pressure gas conversion to high pressure gas.
No matter what causes the pressure drop of the pressure protection loop, the pump will start automatically, replenish the leakage pressure and keep the loop pressure constant. The gas booster pump is driven by gas without arc and spark, and is completely used for flammable and explosive liquids or gases.
體增壓泵是一種活塞式泵。也可以稱為往復泵 工作時,氣體增壓迅速往復工作,隨著輸出壓力的增高,泵的往復速度減慢直止停止。此時,泵輸出的壓力恒定,能量消耗最低,各部件停止運動,由于活塞式泵結構簡單,故易于維護。
The body pressurized pump is a piston type pump. Can also be called reciprocating pump work, gas pressurization fast reciprocating work, with the increase of output pressure, the reciprocating speed of the pump slows down stop stop. At this time, the pump output pressure is constant, the energy consumption is the lowest, the components stop moving, because the piston pump structure is simple, so it is easy to maintain.
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