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Gas booster pump on the test bench is debug at room temperature, the locomotive operation, the oil pump and fuel injector temperature of 90 ℃ or so, also can cause the loss of diesel oil viscosity, thus plunger and needle valve an increase in the number of internal leakage, oil return amount is more than when debugging. Measured according to the actual injection pump cylinder oil is only about 80% of the amount of test bench debugging, although the oil pump commissioning staff will take this factor into consideration, but it can't accurately. In addition, the temperature and pressure of each cylinder will be different due to the different degree of wear or closure of the cylinder piston and the gas distribution mechanism. Even if the oil pump is debugged on the test stage, the quantity of oil can be uneven after the installation.

When the oil pump is debugged at the test bed, the quantity of oil at the rated speed of the cylinder shall be less than 3%. Actual debugging process, due to the special test bench of fuel injector and high-pressure tubing length, shape, diameter and so on can't be exactly the same as that of the original machine, plus debugging technical differences, oil pump installed after the actual injection in cylinder oil is not uniformity often > 3%. The locomotive has been used for a long period of time, because the oil pump drive coupling is loose or the clearance is too big, the driving gear wear and the side clearance increase, also can affect each cylinder the oil supply the uniformity degree. In addition, the high pressure oil pipe joint leakage due to frequent vibration or tight enough, and tighten force ambassador joint metal fall off and blocking the tubing, can also cause uneven of each cylinder oil.
In the oil pump and governor spring, the force is stronger, the deformation is bigger, the working frequency is higher and is the plunger spring. So it's got a higher fracture frequency. The amount of fuel oil is reduced, the amount of oil is not evenly distributed, the time of each cylinder is very poor and the oil spray starts to delay. The heavy fuel is discontinued and not even supplied.
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