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The application range is wide: in the industrial field, the pneumatic chuck is clamped in the machine tool, the accumulator is inflated, the high pressure bottle is inflated, and the low pressure gas is converted into high pressure gas. All air pressure is not high enough, whether it is industrial or mechanical testing device, can be used in gas booster pump system.
The automatic pressure: regardless of the causes of pressureloop pressure drop, SAST pump will start automatically, add leak pressure, keeping the pressure constant loop.
The safe operation: the use of gas driven, no arc and spark completely for flammable and explosive liquid or gas places.
The simple maintenance: pump and other gas drive, Ji'nan JingTuo pump can do the same job, but the small parts and sealing, easier maintenance.
The price: Ji'nan JingTuo gas booster pump is a piston pump work, Ji'nan JingTuo gas booster pump work back and forth rapidly, with the increase of the pump output pressure, reciprocating speed slows down until the stop, at this time, the constant pressure pump output, the lowest energy consumption, various components of stop motion, because the piston pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance and so.
1. High pressure needs to be used in air or individual devices.
2, the space is narrow, cannot be configured large diameter cylinder bore, but must ensure that the output power.
3, gas controlled long-distance operation, gas booster pump manufacturers, must be pressurized to compensate for the pressure loss.
4, it is necessary to shorten the time to inflate the gas tank to a certain pressure.
5, the device of the terminal user of the air road requires different occasions of high output.
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