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1. debug status and use conditions are different
The oil pump is debugged on the test bed at room temperature, and the installation is done under the condition of cylinder compression end, cylinder temperature up to 500~700 DEG C and pressure 3 ~ 5MPa, and the difference is great. When the locomotive works, the temperature of the oil pump and the injector is about 90 DEG C, and the viscosity of the diesel oil will also be reduced. Therefore, the leakage of the plunger and needle valve is increased, and the oil return is more than that of the debugging. It is determined that the actual oil injected into the cylinder is only about 80% of the debugging capacity of the test stand. Although the oil pump operator will consider this factor, it is impossible to master it accurately.

2. when debugging, uneven oil supply exists
When the oil pump is debugged in the test stand, the required oil supply rate of each cylinder at the rated speed shall be <3%. The actual debugging process, due to the special injector test bench and high-pressure pipe length, shape, diameter and may not be completely consistent with the original engine, coupled with differences in debugging technology, the pump installed, the actual amount of oil injected into cylinder nonuniformity is often >3%.
3. uneven oil supply caused by mechanical fault
After long-term use of the locomotive, due to the loose or too large clearance of the drive coupling of the oil pump, the abrasion of the gear and the increase of the backlash will also affect the uniformity of the oil supply of each cylinder. In addition, due to frequent vibration or tightening of the tight oil pipe leaks, as well as tightening the force, the ambassador joints metal fall off and plug the tubing, the same will cause uneven oil supply of each cylinder.
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