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Gas-liquid supercharger and gas-liquid booster pump, principle, piston push small piston due to the poor area, makes liquid pressure amplifier, F = but the essential difference between the two is that the apparatus of gas liquid into a single general reciprocating motion, discontinuous movement, no check valve of imports and exports, external oil cup, generally with the pressure pulse, stamping and other occasions; The air - hydraulic booster pump can rely on its own reversing valve, which can be connected with the continuous reciprocating motion of compressed air. The import and export is equipped with a one-way valve, which is continuously used for pressure detection.

The gas pressure pump USES the low pressure gas at the end of a large area to produce a high pressure fluid at the piston end. It can be used to compress air and other gases. The output pressure can be adjusted by driving pressure. Output large flow: 0.3-0.3 MPa compressed air drive can obtain larger output flow work, reciprocating work quickly, as the output pressure is close to the set pressure value the reciprocating motion of the pump speed slow down until it stops. And maintain the pressure, the energy consumption is very small at this time, no hot gas pressure pump volume generation, no part movement. When the pressure balance is broken, the pneumatic booster pump automatically begins to work to the next equilibrium.
Material quality high voltage part of stainless steel. The high pressure plunger is made of stainless steel and double sealed. It is easy to maintain simple and low cost. All "O" loops of the same series of pumps can be replaced with each other, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost. The pneumatic booster pump has been filled with lubricant before leaving the factory without external lubrication.
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