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Pressure test pump is designed for all kinds of pressure vessels, pipelines, valves, cylinders, boiler, fire equipment for testing equipment for high pressure liquid hydrostatic test and laboratory, by driving to the most commonly used is divided into several categories: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, diesel, numerical control etc..

從操作方式來分,試壓泵分為三種:電動試壓泵、手動試壓泵和電動手提式試壓泵。測試電動泵用于填充或測試各種水,防凍液和油系統。電動試壓泵土星 - 配備甘油壓力表,從振動提供了可靠的保障。體積小,重量輕,該設備是非常容易使用。所有工作部件是由不銹鋼和黃銅。高度采用石墨密封。
From the way of operation, the pressure pump is divided into three kinds: electric pressure test pump, manual test pump and electric portable pressure test pump. Test electric pumps for filling or testing various water, antifreeze, and oil systems. The electric pressure test pump, Saturn - equipped with a glycerine pressure gauge, provides reliable protection from vibration. Small in size and light in weight, the device is very easy to use. All work parts are made of stainless steel and brass. Highly sealed with graphite.
The utility model relates to an electric pressure testing pump, belonging to a reciprocating plunger pump, wherein, the motor drives the plunger to drive the slide block to move, and the water is injected into the object to be pressed, so that the pressure is gradually increased. This machine is composed of a pump body, a switch, a pressure gauge, water tank, motor and other components of the pressure test pump has compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, light weight, convenient maintenance, anti rust, 3DSY series voltage test pump driven by the motor characteristics, greatly improve work efficiency.
Structure and working principle: 1. check the water level in the water tank and connect the power cord. 2. tighten the handwheel switch clockwise. 3. press the start button, the motor work, when the pressure gauge pointer to adjust the rated pressure, the pressure will not go up. 4. after the end of the pressure test, unscrew the switch counterclockwise and return the medium to the water tank.
The above is about the valve test table knowledge, I believe you have a profound understanding of our products, if any problems do not understand, welcome to inquire, we sincerely welcome your presence



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