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After the gas booster pump is operating for a long time, we will stop filling and exhaust gas pressure pump, so that the gas booster pump may be abnormal operation, this point must be paid attention to.
The ribbed interface of the oil filling gun must be linked with the oil injecting nozzle and manually tightened. When oil is added, it is necessary to pour oil without bubbles into the overflow level from the U hole. Otherwise, the gas booster pump can not be filled with bubbles. Generally, some objects are allowed to emit oil. The exhaust bolts should be slightly loosened to make the oil overflow and tighten without bubbles. When the piston in the gas booster pump is in the device, it is necessary to pay attention to the certain rules of the oil filling. When we write down the exhaust cover plate, we should pay attention to the results of the insurance steel wire. When you control oil filling, you should also pay attention not to keep the oil hose in memory, so as to ensure that there is no atmosphere outside. Make sure that the exhaust cover of the gas booster pump is properly covered.
When the gas booster pump things, the piston to the horizontal device, this is also necessary rules, unload the insurance steel wire exhaust cover plate, this is also necessary to pay attention to the place to take care of. When operating the oil gun, keep in mind that there should be no atmosphere in the hose. In fact, this rule is similar to the above rules. The important thing is to make the gas booster pump life longer.
The rules of filling oil are very firm. The exhaust cover of gas booster pump must move frequently. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the lid can be covered before operation. When we use it, we must pay attention to the vertex, the gas booster pump manufacturers remind the gas pressure pump oil abetle can be abnormal, oil leakage, the oil injection gun hose rib interface, the manual tightened, and the external can have bubbles, these need to be noticed in place, it has no effect on the base. When the oil meter is instigated accurately, it is possible to confirm that the oil stop.



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