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It can start automatically when the faucet is opened, and it can be closed automatically when the faucet is closed. Of course, when the water tap is normal, the pump will also turn off when the water pressure is normal. It will not start at normal time or when the water flow is very small. The switch is also very sensitive.
不會一直常開,省點電 .(由于水泵配置了壓力罐和壓力開關,使用時無需切斷電源通過開關水龍頭可以直接控制水泵)水泵壓力可以調節
Will not always open, save electricity. (because the water pump configured pressure tank and pressure switch, no need to cut off the power when using, through switch tap can directly control the pump) the pump pressure can be adjusted.
The motor sounds very sound, only 58-61 decibels, equivalent to a person's normal voice! If you put it in a closet or something to cover with, there's no sound!
電機內配有熱保護器,過載、電機過熱(120度左右)等情況下自行斷開電源保護電機. 電機永不燒!水泵安裝好之后如果是抽地下水需要次灌水,之后不需要灌水,很方便 因為泵里本身帶好止回閥了。
The motor is equipped with a heat protector, overload, motor overheating (about 120 degrees) and so on, and disconnect the power protection motor. The motor will never burn! After the pump installed if groundwater pumping irrigation is needed, then does not need irrigation, it is convenient for the pump itself with check valve.
It is suitable for household water intake, well water intake, water pressure, garden irrigation, vegetable shed water and aquaculture, etc., and also used in family bathroom. Washing machine。 Toilet water pressure booster, the roof of the tower, garden watering system, shampoo shop, snack bar, pressurized water, underground or open wells automatic water supply, hotel, bath, hair salon, room heating and automatic high-rise residential water booster, industrial automatic equipment such as water cycle. Features: high lift with self-priming function, easy installation.
I believe that after reading the introduction of http://www.aiqin1.cn for gas booster pump, we will have some recognition for this aspect. Later, we can solve some other problems well.



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